Anonymous asked:

You people worship at the altar of illogic. You shun reason as "academic" and "privileged intellectual theorising" and your alternative is wild emotion. You create definitions to suit your own needs and end up conflating anti-racism/etc with anti-whiteism, basing all of your claims on an aprioristic principle that white is, if not the only, then the most evil.

cultureisnotacostume answered:

I don’t know where you’re getting that we shun the academic when we reblog academic sources often and all of the mods are currently in college? We don’t “make up words” those words you haven’t heard of are coming from some of those academic sources, that’s why they’re so common to sj blogs? And even though most of the appropriation is from white people we’ve also blogged about POC appropriating other cultures so… I know you really wanted to sound pretentious and condescending but you really should have read into our blog a little more because obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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